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TRUTH seeker[edit]

FLASH 2016 logo.jpg

I started searching for the TRUTH in what I noticed that there is something at least weird in almost everything: from the tv which is the index of the hoaxes and from which we can just draw every day a new promotions for enslaving instruments such as your glittering smartphone or your tv connected to the internet, or maybe we talk about the medicines you regularly assume to treat diseases caused by your "life"style...recommended by official sources like YOUR tv.

In 2014 i started to spread the TRUTH I found trought WTS public Facebook page where I joined all worldwide researchers I've got the pleasure to know until that moment.

In 2017 I started ITS too, a Facebook page of italian researchers only where I joined netfriends from Italy that I had the pleasure of knowing personally.





Moontest by Amelia and me between Italy and Fiji islands in january 2016.