FlatEarthWiki.com is an encyclopedia, and an encyclopedia needs people to write it. Unlike most other reference works, we don't pay people to write for us, and there are very few incentives, perks or privileges associated with contributing. As such, our most valuable resource is neither money nor webspace, but Flat Earth Wiki's contributors, those dedicated people who take time out of their lives to edit, improve or maintain articles. In short, editors matter; and one of the important priorities of the Flat Earth community must be to recruit and retain good contributors.  We currently have 472 articles about Flat Earth THANKS TO 2 ACTIVE EDITORS

Flat Earth Wiki:Getting Started

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Flat Earth Wiki runs on MediaWiki software. Consult the User's Guide for information on using the wiki software.

Flat Earth Wiki

If you wish to contribute to the Flat Earth Wiki, you'll first need to create an account. To do this, go to Special:Userlogin. Enter your desired username and password, and click on the 'Create new account' button.

Once registered, it is advisable to consult the Rules for information on all of the policies, rules, and regulations of the wiki. If you're unsure how to use the wiki software the Flat Earth Wiki is based on, check out this help page.

If you're not interested in reading through everything quite yet and just want to start writing articles, you must at least look at some of the finished pages in order to get a sense of what is expected. After that, you can start contributing!

If you're unsure of a good place to start, simply click on the random page link on the left toolbar; if you see a red link on a page, it means that there is no content on that page. You can make it blue by adding content to that page. A better way to find pages that need to be written is to look at the Wanted Pages List. Do not feel limited to contributing to only these choices. If you have an idea for a useful or informative page, feel free to contribute it!