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A Modern Day Flat Earth - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Where's the Edge?[edit]

 A) There is no edge. Earth is may be an infinite plane. What lies beyond Antarctica is still a mystery.

Why Lie About it?[edit]

What about all the pictures of the earth?[edit]

How Can You Circumnavigate a Flat Plane?[edit]

What About GPS?[edit]


What About Satellites?[edit]

What About the Space Station?[edit]

What About the Hubble Telescope?[edit]

What About the Moon Landings?[edit]

Why Do Ship’s Hulls Disappear First Over the Horizon?[edit]

How Does Gravity Work On a Flat Earth?[edit]

How Do Foucault’s Pendulums Work?[edit]

Why Does the Sun Appear to Rise and Set?[edit]

What About the Coriolis Effect?[edit]

What About Picture/Video Evidence from ‘Space’?[edit]

But I Can See the Curve![edit]