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Geocentrism is basically the notion that the earth is the center of the universe and thus stationary and everything revolves around the earth.

Comparison heliocentrism geocentrism.gif

Comparison copernicus model ptolyemy model.gif

Motion of Sun, Earth, and Mars according to heliocentrism (left) and to geocentrism (right), before the Copernican-Galilean-Newtonian revolution. Note the retrograde motion of Mars on the right. Yellow dot, Sun; blue, Earth; red, Mars. (In order to get a smooth animation, it is assumed that the period of revolution of Mars is exactly 2 years, instead of the actual value, 1.88 years). The orbits are assumed to be circular, in the heliocentric case.

Following a Timeline concerning Geocentrism Progress in science concerning geocentrism.jpg