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Gravity is Bullshit!

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Gravity is one of the four fundamental forces of nature. It is force that draws two objects together.

F: Force of Gravity M1: Mass of the first object M2: Mass of the second object R: The distance between the centers of mass for the two objects.

F = G * (M1 + M2)/ (R * R)

G, the symbol for the Gravitational Constant, was determined by the Cavendish Experiment.

For added effect, the logic included in the below quoted comment by Christopher Manno, found on a page of Jeranism's, found at flatearthscience.org, is in my opinion, irrefutable reasoning that GRAVITY THEORY is BULLSHIT (referenced as the third LINKS entry at bottom):

"Isaac Newton’s theory of gravity was conjured up out of necessity. A theory was needed to explain how things could stick to a spinning, spherical earth and not fly off due the centrifugal force from the spinning globe. Aren’t you the least bit curious why the supposed force of gravity has never been measured or replicated in any way in any experiment? The gravitational theory requires that gravitational attraction to the earth by all persons and objects remains the same at all places on the earth. That means that the gravitational force at the North Pole is the same as the gravitational force at the equator. That poses a very real problem if the earth is spinning as alleged. That is because the centrifugal force decreases every mile toward the north pole, where the centrifugal force is ultimately reduced to zero, because the North Pole is the axis of the supposedly spinning earth.

On a globe, as you travel north or south of the equator the circumference parallel to the equator becomes less. Consequently, the speed of the earth’s spin at those more northern and southern latitudes from the equator would be slower than its speed of spin at the equator. For example, at the 45 degree north latitude, the earth’s spin should be approximately 700 miles per hour. One hundred feet from the North Pole, the earth’s spin should be reduced to one quarter mile per hour (1,308 feet per hour). As the speed of the spin is reduced, so also is the correlative centrifugal force. What is the amount of decrease of the centrifugal force between the equator to one hundred feet of the North Pole? There would be a 4,000 fold reduction (1,000 MPH vs. ¼ MPH) in centrifugal force from the equator to a point one hundred feet of the North Pole. That means, assuming (as is required by the theory of gravity) that the force of gravity remains constant over the entire surface of the earth, a 175 pound man at the equator would weigh 700,000 pounds if he traveled to within 100 feet of the North Pole. Assuming the earth is spinning, the decrease in the centrifugal force as one approaches the North Pole, means that a person would be crushed by the force of gravity, before he ever reached the North Pole. The spinning earth and the mystical force of gravity are thus proven to be preposterous fictions."

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