FlatEarthWiki.com is an encyclopedia, and an encyclopedia needs people to write it. Unlike most other reference works, we don't pay people to write for us, and there are very few incentives, perks or privileges associated with contributing. As such, our most valuable resource is neither money nor webspace, but Flat Earth Wiki's contributors, those dedicated people who take time out of their lives to edit, improve or maintain articles. In short, editors matter; and one of the important priorities of the Flat Earth community must be to recruit and retain good contributors.  We currently have 471 articles about Flat Earth THANKS TO 2 ACTIVE EDITORS


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The following are the basic rules of the wiki. Please read all these rules before editing. If your edit violates any of these rules, it may be deleted and you may receive a warning. All rules apply to every page. Be sure to read all the rules before editing the Flat Earth Wiki.



These are rules involving your behavior on the Flat Earth Wiki.

  • No harassing or threatening other members.
  • Do not use any harmful, threatening, abusive, defamatory, obscene, hateful, racially or ethnically offensive language.
  • Do not use language that needs to be decoded (-.. --- / -. --- - / -.. --- / - .... .. ... .-.-.-)
  • No ban jumping. (Using another account while banned or using a different IP address) Creating multiple accounts to evade a ban will result in a permanent ban of all involved accounts.
  • No impersonating Flat Earth Wiki Staff or Wiki Administrators.
  • No hacking members of the wiki or the wiki itself.
  • No account sharing. (Keep your account to yourself. Do not even tell family members as they might get you in BIG trouble. Log off every time you're not by your computer.)


Vandalism of the wiki is not allowed and will result in an immediate block from further editing the wiki. Vandalism includes any of the following behavior:

  • Blanking a page
  • Inserting nonsense/gibberish or spam into pages

Editing Content[edit]

  • Do not create pages with useless/little/no information. (No template, no information, no picture, etc..)
  • Do not move pages unless it is necessary. (Moving "Bang gun" to "Bang Gun" is fine. Moving "Bang gun" to "User:Bang gun" is not.)
  • Do not add irrelevant or obvious content to a page. (This includes things such as "this is a ball" or any subjective information, "this is the coolest ball")
  • Check your work! Do not post incorrect or unverified information on the wiki. If you continually post incorrect information, you may be warned.
  • Avoid editing a page multiple times when you could actually do it in one edit to accumulate massive edits. This creates unnecessary copies of the page that have to be stored by the wiki.

User Page Rules[edit]

These are some rules and restrictions to your user page.

  • Do not edit another person's user page without their permission.
  • Do not move your userpage or talk page. If you want a name change, ask a [1]. (They may or may not agree to the name change)
  • Your user page is not free advertising space. Any advertising for another website through your user page will be deleted.
  • Do not blank or delete another user's user page or talk page.

Image Rules[edit]

  • Do not upload pornographic images
  • Do not upload images that contain inappropriate language
  • Do not upload copyrighted images without consent or permission of the owner
  • Do not upload harmful, threatening, abusive, defamatory, obscene, hateful, racially or ethnically offensive images
  • Do not upload images that exceed 1500 x 1500 pixels or is over 500kb in size.

Signature Rules[edit]

Your signature is the what appears when you sign a talk page (~~~~). Here are some rules and restrictions for your signature.

  • If your signature contains an image, the image must not exceed 100 x 100 pixels in size.
  • If your signature contains colored text, it must be a clear and readable text. (Ex. Extremely light yellow or beige are not very good choices on a white background)
  • Your signature must redirect to your user page and/or talk page. They cannot redirect to another page.
  • Your signature can not include any external links. Links may only be redirecting to a page on the Flat Earth Wiki.
  • Your signature must abide by all other rules.

Other Rules[edit]

  • Do not advertise for other websites. Any link that serves no purpose other than to advertise another site will be removed.
    • Referral Links are strictly NOT allowed! They will be deleted on sight and a warning will be issued.
  • Do not link to non Flat Earth WIki affiliated websites on any page other than your user page. (Limit 2 links per user page)
  • Do not edit other people's posts on any talk page.
  • If you think something you do can get you in trouble, don't do it.

Rules are subject to change at any moment. It is your responsibility to keep up if they do change. By creating a wiki account, you have agreed to follow all of these rules. Recommended ban times are also listed here: Help:Rules/Ban_Lengths.

Last updated: September 17, 2015