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ISS - International Scam Station[edit]

ISS hoax.jpg

Almost all the countries of the world are united in that space scam that nobody has ever provided irrefutable proof of. There are only short footages of dubious origin and awkward operations under water passed off as Spacewalks.

ISS and water[edit]

Inside the ISS, aka International Fake Station, you have to be very careful handling because the water is very dangerous for all the electronic equipments and in every corner there is a normal laptop attached to the wall with velcrostretch.

ISS is pure CGi[edit]

the ISS does everything to reveal his fiction pc-generated, and even in a clumsy TOO MANY TIMES:

1. the puppet of AstronZsamantA appears in a predetermined area and marked with graphic markers WATCH CAREFULLY ONLY THE CGi AREA

2. screen has been refreshed and/or regenerated BEFORE full "sunset" over the corner of the ASStroNOT's body WATCH THE CGi IN SLOW MOTION

3. ASStroNOT Kelly and and his ping-pong: WHERE IS WATCHING THIS POOR MAN?

Kelly's operation must be hard: to bounce something you can only see through a monitor and that you don't properly perceive depth of


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