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Welcome to a [[Flat Earth Wiki]]

A Modern Day Flat Earth Community

Zetetic Astronomy; Earth Not a Globe - by Parallax (Samuel Birley Rowbotham) - 1881 - #FlatEarth

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10009305 10206851414875431 8342354292077794495 n.jpg Welcome to the Flat Earth Wiki! May 1, 2017
by Steve Engelhardt
Hello, and welcome to the Flat Earth Wiki! While we're getting pages done, feel free to browse around the site to check what we currently have. If you see something that need to be fixed or added, let us know, or register and add it in for us!

Be sure to read The Rules before editing and creating pages to avoid any problems for yourself, and our staff.
If you have any questions, or need any help, feel free to contact a Staff Member, or see if you can find what you need on our Getting Started, Editing Help, Help, or FAQ pages.


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