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Zetetic Astronomy; Earth Not a Globe - by Parallax (Samuel Birley Rowbotham) - 1881 - #FlatEarth

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Flat Earth Claims

  • NASA Is Lying about everything.
  • There is no curvature detected on Earth or on the Sea compatible with a sphere 25,000 miles in circumference

Various Topics concerning NASA

Additional Topics

Experiments to measure the motion of the Earth

Those Experiments concerning the motion of the earth prove that the earth is motionless and that everything in the sky is turning around us. The listed experiments are being massively suppressed and are nowhere disowned or debated (to not even draw attention to these experiments if possible...)

Additional Experiments

How does this and that work on the flat Earth?

Supposed Proofs for a spinning Earth

Topics from the viewpoint of the heliocentric model of the earth (that the Earth is a sphere and orbits around the sun)

  • List of heliocentric arguments which supposedly prove that the earth is spherical / spins around itself and orbits the sun and a rebuttal of each argument
  • Wouldn't the Earth get into a Sphere because of Gravity? Now, the thing is, to support the teaching of gravity, you must use doublethink, that means the teaching of gravity contains inner contradictions. There is no gravity.
  • In reference to gravity, how was tha with the Big Bang then?

Proofs for a flat earth


Flat Earth TV


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