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Math Powerland

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Math Powerland

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Math Powerland

Math Powerland[edit]

Math Powerland(born Matthew Leonard Boylan, August 11, 1978) is freelance graphics specialist and artist , professional hyper realist painter and political scientist .

Powerland received a double major of political science and philosophy degree from St. Francis Xavier University of Antigonish, Nova Scotia.

He allegedly painted high altitude, aerial footage and space imagery for covert PR and graphics subcontractors. Powerland has been hired by Rasa , Nasa, Esa and the Canadian Space agency and has been a consultant on hyper realism in film and television . He has now turned free agent and whistle blower, exposing the fraud of all of the space agencies worldwide. Powerland used his abilities firstly to perform as a rising comedic star to release the photo or painting test on live comedy crowds in 2003. He was then, unofficially dismissed form the collective world wide comedy club circuit and festival circuit after releasing the flat earth on a live taping vote by TV audience of an International french comedy taping in which Math Powerland exposed that the earth is in fact flat and all space imagery above low orbit are Computer Generated Images(CGI) paintings that could be done by any artist of his skill set. His main focus in exposing Flat Earth is to challenge people's view on reality and to get us to realize that we can understand the truth for ourselves as long as we use our own senses that we were created with and observe what is around us as it is. Powerland has painted and designed T-shirts with "Photo or Painting" "Fake or "Real" "Brainwash" "Trick Photography" and "Sphere Porn" written to challenge people's view on reality.



Math Powerland's website MathPowerland.com


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