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Misconceptions or Disinfo

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Earth moving upwards to account for gravity[edit]

"Universal Acceleration (UA) is a theory of gravity in the Flat Earth Model. UA asserts that the Earth is accelerating 'upward' at a constant rate of 9.8m/s^2.This produces the effect commonly referred to as "gravity".The traditional theory of gravitation (e.g. Newton's Law of Universal Gravitation, General Theory of Relativity, etc) is incompatible with the Flat Earth Model because it requires a large, spherical mass pulling objects uniformly toward its center." [1]

 Modern Day Flat Earthers do not actually think this.  We believe Earth is motionless.  Gravity is only needed to explain how shit sticks to a ball.   Modern Flat Earthers use Density and Buoyancy to explain up and down force on a flat plane.  Flat Earthers view the flat earth society as a disinformation club.

Clouds Behind Sun[edit]

 Flat Earthers do not believe that there are clouds behind the sun.  This is blatant disinfo or trolling.


Clouds Behind the Moon[edit]

 Flat Earthers do not believe that there are clouds behind the Moon.  This is blatant disinfo or trolling.