FlatEarthWiki.com is an encyclopedia, and an encyclopedia needs people to write it. Unlike most other reference works, we don't pay people to write for us, and there are very few incentives, perks or privileges associated with contributing. As such, our most valuable resource is neither money nor webspace, but Flat Earth Wiki's contributors, those dedicated people who take time out of their lives to edit, improve or maintain articles. In short, editors matter; and one of the important priorities of the Flat Earth community must be to recruit and retain good contributors.  We currently have 468 articles about Flat Earth THANKS TO 2 ACTIVE EDITORS

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1. avatar Steve Engelhardt 26,840 points
Gunnery Sergeant
2. avatar GianniFlash 10,800 points
3. avatar TETs Truth Tube 2,050 points
4. avatar EngelofAttack 2,000 points
5. avatar Flat Earth Girl 73 2,000 points
6. avatar Flat Earth Pianist 1,750 points
7. avatar Flatfat 1,200 points
8. avatar Miriam 1,005 points
9. avatar Dhaynes009 1,000 points
10. avatar ThaRunUp 1,000 points
11. avatar Chev4206 1,000 points
12. avatar Flatheadpolitics 1,000 points
13. avatar SmokingChemtrails 1,000 points
14. avatar FlatOutLies 1,000 points