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To Do List[edit]

Posts are moved here when they are confirmed that they will be implemented, but not yet implemented.
The following suggestions will be implemented soon.

  • Construct a new mobile frontpage with dynamic blocks of content
  • Tweak out the WikiText Editor with new buttons and tabs and such


This is the section of the page to post what things you want implemented in the Wiki.

Known Bugs[edit]

This is the section of the page to post known bugs in the Wiki software that need to be fixed.

Save Twice[edit]

  • Sometimes having to save your changes twice. Now pretty much always having to save twice. Shit.

New Editor Buttons[edit]

  • Sometimes the newly created editor buttons loaded with javascript do not display in editor. (Hitting CTRL + SHIFT * R) to refresh browser seems to make buttons appear most times.
  • Scratch that, now they are not displaying at all again.
  • Youtube Button was responsible for the crash. New buttons are working again. May have to (ctr+shift+R) to refresh. Youtube button will only work with <youtube>examplelink</youtube>. Using <youtube width="300" height="200">examplelink><youtube> Crashes out all the new buttons, sometimes the entire editor toolbar.

Alert Notifications[edit]

  • Alerts/Notifications do not appear to be working correctly. Not getting notified of new messages to user talk page


  • Translation features are not working correctly

Flat Earth Wiki - Beta Site[edit]

Beta Wiki - Using this site for testing and development purposes. Fe wiki Beta