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User:Steve Engelhardt

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Steve Engelhardt
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Steven William Engelhardt

About Steve

Jack-Of-All-Trades Hadyman, Paramotor Pilot, & Well rounded geek.
Born November 3rd 1983 in Chicago, Illinois. Grew up on the NorthWest side of Chicago (Austin+Foster) nearby O'hare airport and split life in a small town(Briggsville) near Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin. Moved to Briggsville, Wi at age 25-30.


  • John W. Garvy Elementary - 1-8 - 1990-1998
  • William Howard Taft H.S. - 9-12 - 1999-2002
  • ITT Technical Institute - 2 Years - 2005 (DO NOT DO THIS!)


  • Nadig Newspapers
  • Paper boy
  • Armstrong Door & Window
  • Door & Window Installations beotch
  • Party City
  • Normal retail shit + Halloween Hell & Saturday balloon blowing upper beotch
  • Namco Cybertainment
  • Arcade Machine Shop Repair beotch
  • Epco Paint
Paint beotch
  • Wagon Wheel Campground
  • Maintenance (solely maintained & improved a 150 site FHU Campground near Wisconsin Dells,WI) routine maintenance + major remodeling and improvement projects as well as designing/publishing a website, social media, park map, business cards, brochures...
  • River Bay Campground
  • Maintenance beotch
  • Tahitian Inn Hotel
  • Maintenance beotch
  • Door & Window Superstore


1983 - Born
1990-1998 - School - John W. Garvy Elementary - 1-8
2009 - Moved to Briggsville, WI
2015 - Moved to Tampa, FL.

2017 - Moved back near Chicago, IL
2017 - Solo'd Paramotor

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